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Energy – It’s a give and take

Have you ever wondered why your energy levels are changing depending on the weather, your mood, where you are in your monthly cycle or what’s on the daily schedule? Well, I have. When it’s rainy and dark, my safe choice would be to stay in bed (unfortunately that’s not possible 99% of the time…). When I’m in a bad mood, I don’t feel like doing anything. On the other hand, there are sunny, bright days, where I’m full of energy and can’t wait to get started with work. But what if energy levels stay low-ish for days, weeks, even months in a row? If you find you are dragging yourself to work and Mondays are the worst, please read on…

Quick survival guide in the office madness

The days in the office look like running a marathon. There are (useless) meetings, work to be done in between and emails to reply to. Usually, this doesn’t fit in the 8 hours working schedule and the majority of people I know having office jobs do overtime. The troubling fact about this is that it’s seen as the norm! No wonder, people in the corporate world complain about stress, depression, burnout or no personal time.

What’s your purpose?

…This is a really tricky question, isn’t it? Have you ever thought about it? Do you have an answer already? Figuring out our purpose is not easy and it’s not quick either. It’s a process that may take up a good part of your life, and that’s okay. As long as you do think about it! Here are some questions to ask yourself: What drives you crazy (yes, also in a negative way)? What energises you? What are you willing to sacrifice for? Who do you want to serve and how?

We want it all.

What do you want out of your ideal job? Surely you’ve asked yourself the question, whether you’re just before starting your career or you are already looking back at a considerable curriculum vitae. Is it money? Is it the safety of knowing how your day-to-day life is going to look like? If you’re born into Generation Y or Z in the Western world, you probably don’t care too much about these things. You want it all.

Do you want to manage or do you want to lead?

What I want to reinforce with this article is the importance of human side in a managing position, not just the expertise. Managers should be the promoters of personal and professional development, to enjoy learning and also encourage others to do the same, to be inclusive and mindful of other’s perspectives, to challenge, but also to empower people to become better and better.

My love-hate relationship with change

I love change and I hate change. Often, both at the same time. Change is exciting; it is a gateway for new opportunities, a start of something fresh. But change also means letting something old go, and the pain of separating from familiarity and habits can be tough. Some change we provoke based on the decisions we take, other change isn’t anything we’ve asked for, but we need to learn to live under the new circumstances anyway. Change is omnipresent: there is no life without it.

I got an interview! Now what?

Behavioural interview is a type of assessment which focuses on the ways someone is dealing with a situation in order to solve it or to get the results needed. It doesn’t apply only to corporate environment as it’s meant to predict your future behaviour based on past experience so it can be applied to all industries.

Bring your Yin to business

In yogic philosophy, every aspect of life has female and male attributes. The yin and the yang. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a man or a woman, each has both qualities (more or less) within. Our Western world, and especially our economy is male dominated. By that, I’m not talking about the low quota of female board members in Fortune 1000 companies (only about 20% at the moment). I am talking about the nature of how economy works and business is done is yang.