Learn, share and grow with like-minded women

This program is for you, if you are looking for:

Genuine help to overcome your fears and self-doubt

Experienced help with a practical and hands-on attitude

A framework to use even after the end of the program to continue building and shaping your self-confidence

Experience sharing and interaction with like-minded ladies enrolled in the program

Being part of a growing community of empowered women

Growth is a process

week 1


Understand yourself in a deeper way.

week 2


Identify a problem and improve yourself on it.

week 3


Learn different ideas of how you can value yourself a little more.

week 4


Learn how to believe in yourself in ways you never did.

Each chapter will include some theory for you to read up on.

You will work on reflection exercises to learn new things about yourself.

Tests, tips, knowledge sharing and networking with all the participants to ensure a holistic approach.

Relevant links to further literature, in case you wish to deep-dive.

At the end of each week, the group will get together for a video call where you are welcome to share your experiences and learnings.

As a sweet bonus, you will receive additional materials from us, l ike motivating playlists, relaxing meditations, and more.

“There is nothing more powerful and supportive than a community of women who want to grow themselves.”


We think women inspire women, and that’s exactly why we do group sessions.”


you are the main act!

It is only through your time, your work, your dedication and motivation that you will grow your self-confidence. We are here to support you and lead you on the right track, but the ball is always in your court.


Grow Your Self Confidence

Online Coaching Program

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