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PinkJamLife is about enabling women to realise their full potential whilst juggling with life "jams".

you are the main act!

It is only through your time, your work, your dedication and motivation that you will grow your self-confidence. We are here to support you and lead you on the right track, but the ball is always in your court.


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Everyone has a different style and vibe. To sense whether we go well together, we will start of our relationship with a free 30 minutes consultation to get to know each other. After that, the decision is in your hands!


We believe that you have unlimited potential to achieve everything you want to. Sometimes, however, you are just not able to see it, acknowledge it or utilise it.

As your coaches we have the pleasure of helping you to find your way, discover yourself and your resources and cheerlead you while you go and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

With our help, you will conquer the world!


PinkJamLife provides holistic coaching programmes with practical guidance and impactful results for women who want to make the most of their lives and one-to-one coaching plans tailored to your needs.

What our clients are typically looking for:

Building self-confidence

Uplifting your energy levels

Stress management

Dealing with change and uncertainty

… and many more

Our approach:

Appreciative, respectful and compassionate attitude at all times

Written materials and videos to explore at your own pace

Self-awareness and practical exercises

Assessments at the beginning and at the end

Live one-to-one and group video calls


Sabine Smida


Hi, I’m Sabine! Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am from Munich, grew up and studied there at the Ludwig Maximilium University. I have a master’s degree in Chinese studies, Business and Intercultural Communications.

I started my professional career in London at an international consulting firm. During this time I travelled a lot, got to know many interesting people, overcame countless challenges and learned TONS. This is also where I met Cristina. Together, we started building an empowerment initiative for women in consulting. Slowly, I got the sense that my real purpose lies somewhere else. So, after 6 successful years where I had grown to a Senior Manager, I decided to leave it all behind and reinvent my life. Some called me crazy, but I knew it was the right decision.

I moved back to Germany and went on to find my calling. I focused on the things I love about life. First, Cristina and I founded the PinkJamLife Blog to continue the spirit of our women empowerment project within our personal networks. Check it out here! Second, I became a certified yoga teacher (200h). I have been teaching in my local yoga studio, but also in business and schools. Yoga seems to do magic for so many people… Try it out, if you haven’t yet! Last but not least, I started my training to become a professional coach, since I knew this was the kind of consulting that I can really help people with. I have seen how coaching processes can remove blocks that were there for years, reveal solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable, and change people’s lives. In 2020, I received my ICF-certified diploma in Systemic Coaching.

Now I am ready to help you change your life to the better!

Hello dear reader! If you reached this page probably you’re a bit curious about who we are and how we can help you.

I come from Bucharest, Romania where I lived for the first 30 years of my life before moving to UK. I always had an interest in the power of the words and the dynamic of human interaction which translated into a degree in Communications and Public Relations and another one in Arabic and French languages and civilisations.

As a professional I’ve expanded my skills in top international companies with a multicultural background where I discovered the importance of coaching and mentoring for personal development.

For more than 10 years I have been helping companies to improve their processes and results. During this journey the thing that brought me most joy was the help I could provide to individuals’ evolution, personally and professionally, concentrating on their potential.

I believe learning is a never-ending process that doesn’t stop once you finish school. So, shifting the focus from business projects to people, I’m keen to support adults grow – the same way I did – by leveraging the knowledge and the experience I accumulated.

Interested? I’m looking forward to hearing your story and working with you!




We know your struggle is real! Life is not all about rainbows and unicorns, and we have experienced this ourselves. The demands of the professional and personal lives are higher than ever. We understand what it means to feel stressed, insecure and overwhelmed. We know how hard it is to pursue your dreams amidst the constraints of day-2-day life. We get that, as women, the standards are different for us and wanting it all is freaking hard. That’s why we built PinkJamLife.

We want to support women like ourselves, women like YOU, in overcoming the challenges in life and in conquering the world…

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