grow your self-confidence

Do you feel insecure and are hesitant to share your opinion with others? Are you worried that you’re not enough? Do you compare yourself to others and don’t believe you have what it takes to succeed?

When self-confidence is missing, life becomes hard. Challenges and demands are lurking everywhere and we are not sure how to handle all of it. It is a feeling of insecurity, fear and negativity. If this sounds all too familiar, it is time to finally DO something about it. Take the first step now to bring your personal and professional life to the next level! 

Grow your Self Confidence is a 4 weeks coaching program meant to bring you more self-awareness and trust in your skills to help you set the foundation for a meaningful life experience. With PinkJamLife, you can make a tangible shift in your personality. You will change and others will notice!

what you get

Grow your Self-Confidence will guide you on your journey to become the strong, powerful, inspiring woman you have always wanted to be.

This toolkit with engaging and easy-to-do daily practices will help you build confidence in your skills and make you stand out from the crowd.  If you’re ready to work on yourself with our support, you can increase your trust in your abilities and be prepared to face any challenges that life throws at you.

The program includes 4 exciting topics developed during 4 weeks to assist you in your journey towards enhancing your confidence level by guiding you each week on one of these major themes:

01 Self-Discovery

Get to know yourself! Find out about your strengths, your weaknesses and other traits of your personality. You gotta know who you’re dealing with!

02 Self-improvement

Improve yourself! Are your habits supporting or holding you down? Become aware and change for the better!

03 Self-Love

Value yourself! This week is all about treating yourself in the kindest, most loving way possible… enjoy!

04 Self-Confidence

Believe in yourself! The final step for self-confidence is believing you can do it. And by end of week 4, you will… Believe us!

how it works

Each chapter will include some theory for you to read up on, including relevant links to further literature, in case you wish to deep-dive. In parallel, you will work on reflection exercises that will help you learn new things about yourself. We don’t want this program to be perceived as general information on the topic of self-confidence. Therefore, we made sure the course is as practical as possible with tests, tips, knowledge sharing and networking with all the participants to ensure a holistic approach on this matter.

At the end of each week, the group will get together for a video call where you are welcome to share your experiences and learnings with the rest of the team. We encourage you to follow the pace of the course to ensure you are up-to-date with the most recent conversations. As a sweet bonus, you will receive additional materials from us, like motivating playlists, relaxing meditations, and more.

Remember, YOU are the main actor in this program. It is only through your time, your work, your dedication and motivation that you will grow your self-confidence. We are here to support you and lead you on the right track, but the ball is always in your court.


grow your self-confidence

online coaching program

4-weeks, 4 topics, unlimited potential!

PinkJamLife Grow your self-confidence

This program is for you, if you are looking for...

Genuine help to overcome your fears and self-doubt from 2 experienced coaches with practical and hands-on attitude

A framework to use even after the end of the program to reach the results you’re looking for and continue building and shaping your self-confidence

Interaction with like-minded ladies enrolled in the program and their experiences

Being part of a growing community of empowered women and all the opportunities this brings

This program is not for you, if you are looking for…

Ready-made, generic advice and quick self-help tips (…better invest your money in books!)

Theoretical concepts with no practical application in real life (…because we will ask you to put your words into action!)

Things to stay the same as they are (…because with us, you should expect a change in your life!)

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Everyone has a different style and vibe. To sense whether we go well together, we will start off our relationship with a first – free – 30 minutes consultation to get to know each other. After that, you decide whether you want to continue and actively change your life for the better with PinkJamLife.

Genuine help to overcome your fears and self-doubt from 2 experienced coaches with practical and hands-on attitude


After completing this course, I feel more confident and determined to achieve my goals. I work in a highly competitive industry and for me self-confidence in my interactions with my clients is crucial. I enjoy d the interactions in the class, and I found the self-love and self-improvement very helpful indeed both in my work environment and my personal life. I also enjoyed the interesting and inspirational stories and the questions that were asked. It really helped me come out and not hold back things. I totally loved the 4 weeks spent with the group and the findings I got from this interaction!

PJL testimonial


London, UK

I’m a skeptical person by nature, but I wanted to check what a coaching group course can bring me. I was impressed by the energy and the bonding that was formed during the 4 weeks of the programme with the participants and the 2 coaches. I left with many practical advices which is what I was looking for. It was time worth spending.

PJL testimonial


Bucharest, Romania

This course was a wonderful guided self journey towards better accepting myself – flaws and all. As a child, you are unassuming and confident, but over time the world wears you down. This course helped me create a space for self-love and healing, something I can carry with myself for the rest of my life. I especially liked the course structure, where it breaks you down and builds you back up – but in a highly nurturing and supportive way.

PJL testimonial

Saraswathy K

London, UK