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Living through Reverberation

Reverberation is a concept in Physics related to the propagation of the sound in a given space through reflections of the sound waves. And how is that related to the act of living a meaningful life you may ask. The answer is simple. Your actions and behaviours have a sphere of influence on the actions and behaviours of the others.


Imagine the time when the crisis is over and we are able to go on with our lives again. Will everything be the same as before? Or will we have learnt something valuable for tomorrow from a situation we perceive as a disaster today?

Family, an obsolete concept?

Coming back to the question in the title of the article: is family obsolete nowadays? Definitely not! In fact, it’s enriched with other, more subtle nuances which expand its traditional definition. I would say it’s even more valuable in the era of individualism, depression and search for meaning. Having the roots that can give you the wings.

Do you speak Love?

Besides English, Spanish, French and roughly 6500 other languages that are spoken on planet Earth today, there are five especially important ones: The languages of love ♥. You want a happy and fulfilling relationship with your partner, spouse, kids, parents,…? Learn to speak Love! I know, it does sound a little bit cheesy, but hear me out.

Your life is as good as your relationships are

In time, I realised that it brings me more joy and fulfilment to be connected to people and having meaningful relationship with others than buying material things or reaching some auto-imposed targets. Life is not linear, there will always be ups and downs. For everyone. No one has unicorns pooping rainbows in their life from beginning till the end. But, what I appreciate and I’m grateful for in my life, is the quality of people from my circle who made the ride easier and exciting. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

7 Shades of Love

When our generation thinks of love we have, most likely, this romantic framework in our mind with the perfect partner that can give us all: excitement but also stability, understanding but also mystery, spontaneity but also commitment. The Matryoshka dolls model. All in one.