I don’t need more friends… do I?


I am an introvert and more comfortable in small groups. It’s not a problem for me to spend a weekend by myself, enjoying the me-time, not having to socialise. I like a party as well, don’t get me wrong, but for me the main purpose is to catch up with old friends rather than making new ones.

I need true friends. Friends that know me in all my moods: happy, excited, sad, angry, tired… Friends, with whom I can be myself. Friends, with whom I don’t need to pay attention to how I look, how I talk and how I act. They might laugh with me and about me, and that’s okay. So how can that be a random person who I meet at a party??

I don’t need new friends, I’m telling myself! I’m perfectly happy with the folks I have already around me, and frankly, I don’t have time for many more!! Does this make me a weirdo? I’m sure some people perceive me as arrogant or impolite, if my response in a well-intended small talk approach ends up rather short.

Actually, I really admire people who are able to connect so quickly with others. Networking is such a crucial part of making a career, but for me it’s just the biggest nightmare. In these situations I have to pull myself together and just do it. But just for fun, at a party, I won’t go through this effort.

I’m not looking for new friends, I’m saying. Still they sneak into my life, sometimes. For example, this girl I met in my yoga teacher training, who was persistent enough to ask me out for coffees time and time again, till I couldn’t say no anymore. And now I’m so happy and grateful to have her in my life!

So I’m writing this as a note to myself: Open your heart a bit, Saby! There are so many nice people around you – get to know them!



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