In the current circumstances you may be one of the lucky ones who are stuck at home for a few weeks, with your family, your partner or in peaceful solitude. Just like anything in this world, also this new, crazy situation, has two sides to it.

After a couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ve realised the negative ones by now. Maybe your house feels like a prison. Maybe the people who keep you company, be it your partner, children or parents simply drive you mad!  Maybe your job is on hold, or worse, gone for good, and you are running out of cash. Nothing positive about that, I know.

But, but… just imagine the time when the crisis is over and we are able to go on with our lives again. Will everything be the same as before? Or will we have learnt something valuable for tomorrow from a situation we perceive as a disaster today?

Just imagine how well we will know our closest ones and how much we will appreciate the strength of the bond we have with them after living through such a unique experience…

Imagine how we will cherish the breath of fresh air, and the sun or the rain (both sounds great right now, doesn’t it??) in our faces, when we walk freely outside in the park the first time again!

And imagine how nice it will be to embrace our friends we haven’t seen in weeks! We realize how much we missed their presence, even though we found ways to keep in touch throughout this time.

Imagine sitting in a full café or restaurant, full with people and laughter! Isn’t it nice not to worry about our health and just soak up the energy of all the people who are eager to be out socializing with each other?

Imagine how much we have bonded with our neighbours, whom we’ve helped with grocery shopping or with whom we sang songs and applauded together from our adjacent balconies. Imagine that powerful feeling of solidarity we have never experienced before!

Imagine how much we will appreciate going back to our jobs, meeting our colleagues and our clients again, the air filled with a sense of new-found enthusiasm, like “we survived Corona, so bring it on!”

Imagine how clean the waters are going to be, in Venice, Mumbai and thousands of other places thanks to the break we gave them for just a few weeks. Maybe dolphins will come back (for real)! Imagine how we could make them stay…

Imagine how clear the air is going to be after a few weeks of reduced flight plans and factory shutdowns. 2020 could well be the first year ever where CO2 levels actually decreased! Even without Greta’s doing. Imagine how we can continue the trend…

Imagine this was a wake up call for humanity. Imagine what will change in our behaviour, as individuals but also as a society, now that we’ve learnt the hard way that health is the true wealth. Imagine how YOU will be different…


Take care and stay healthy,


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