Living through Reverberation

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Reverberation is a concept in Physics related to the propagation of the sound in a given space through reflections of the sound waves.

And how is that related to the act of living a meaningful life you may ask. The answer is simple. Your actions and behaviours have a sphere of influence on the actions and behaviours of the others. And this is not necessarily done consciously or deliberately.

First time I read about this idea was in the book “Staring at the Sun” by American psychiatrist Irvin Yalom where he is exploring coping with one’s mortality and the transience of life by presenting examples from his long psychiatric practice with patients. He identifies reverberation as an option for a meaningful life.

There are different ways for people to leave a mark of their limited existence in this world. The most common one being by having kids, descendants of their flesh and blood.

Another way is by bringing their contribution to the progress of one area of life or by helping people.

But you don’t have to be a famous person or a personality to impact the lives of others and leave something behind. This is done at a more subtle level through the vibes your character and behaviour transmit to others and how others absorb that in their own existence.  

Actually, everyone has the possibility to live through reverberation and influence for the better other lives and other people. And those people will continue the chain by influencing other lives and other people. It’s like throwing a stone in the water which will always make waves.  

–        Did anyone feel inspired by your words/actions/thoughts/ideas?

–        Did you make someone smile when that was the last thing they envisioned doing?

–        Did someone start or stop doing something due to your example?

In the other direction:

–        Did someone influence your thinking/actions/behaviours?

–        Did someone show you kindness when you most needed and now you also do that in return to others?

–        Did you start or stop doing something based on someone else’s behaviour or actions?

So, when you question your role and purpose in this life, or you feel down because you haven’t ticked the boxes you have on you plan as “needed to be happy and complete” remember how the world would have been a poorer place without you and your impact in the grand scheme of things.

There is value in every life and everyone has the power to bring value into the lives of others.

Keep sending the good vibes!




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