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Thank you

Thank you! …For what, you’re asking? Well, there are a million things to be thankful for. Think about it! Already after the first line of this article I’m inviting you right here, right now, to stop reading and take 2 mins to write down (at least) five things you grateful for today! Come on, try it!

Me, myself and I – 7 tips for self-discovery

If the past few weeks taught us anything, then it’s probably the awareness that nothing in life is certain, and everything can be turned upside-down from one day to the next.

However, whilst our outside world is falling apart, it is an amazing opportunity to focus our attention on what’s inside, on ourselves, our life and who we are. Last year I travelled to Thailand for a yoga retreat to do exactly that – this year I have a similar experience at home! Unfortunately without the beautiful beaches, but still with lots of time to be with myself and think about life. It’s a home-retreat, that can be a valuable experience for self-discovery…if you let it.

6 tips to deal with uncertainty in your life

What’s going to happen today, tomorrow, next month, this year? You may have plans, but whether things are really going to work out as you’ve imagined is certainly very uncertain.

One day an opportunity pops up, the next day something you thought was certain goes down the drain. Same day another sparkle of hope comes out of nowhere, and the day after it’s gone again. It feels like a roller-coaster ride in the dark. This level of uncertainty is frustrating and not easy to deal with. But, hey, that’s life! There is nothing uncertain, but the uncertain! You can either stick your head in the sand, or consider these 6 ways on how to manage uncertainty

Change your mind-set for the better!

If you think you cannot control your thoughts, think again! Reading is one simple example. Fully immersed in a good book you think about the story, the characters, you even start feeling it. Same thing happens during listening, watching, writing, and so on. You are doing it all the time, however, unfortunately it’s often the negative stuff that we occupy our minds with. The simple trick is to deliberately expose yourself to uplifting, motivating, positive content for your mind to soak up. Here is your 3-step guide…

Feeling the January Blues?

Welcome to 2020, friends! A new decade waiting to be lived, a story unwritten. Isn’t it great??

To be honest, I’m not feeling it at all… Where is my energy? My motivation? My ambition? Where did it all go?? I seem to have left it back in 2019! If you feel the same as me and thousands of others, just know that it’s okay and totally normal. Yes, maybe even allow yourself to indulge a little bit in the January blues…

What’s the driver in your life: Fear, or love?

In our day to day lives, we are constantly busy making long to –do lists, planning, managing and executing. We have to do this and that, go to work, do some sports, must attend that meeting, must clean the flat and cook dinner,… Must lose weight, must eat healthier, bla bla… Isn’t this never-ending madness of obligations driving you insane?? Why are we making ourselves this busy? And is this necessary? The answer is actually quite simple: there are only two basic motivations for any action that we do (or don’t do, for that matter) – and they are both fundamentally different.

(When) Is it okay to give up?

Walking away from something you really wanted is not easy. I would even argue, giving up is much harder than fighting. Fighting gives you something to do, a variety of strategies and tasks that you can pursue with all your power, full on. Giving up, on the other hand, means passivity. Letting go. Losing control…

Is stress killing you?

Trust me, I know the feeling… Whether it’s a sense of overwhelming workload, responsibility or problems, or a combination of all, most of us have had more than enough stress in our lives. Stress has become an issue in our society that affects many people – women, men and even children. While the feeling of stress was originally designed by nature as a security measure to protect us from hungry tigers and angry mammoths, our instinct may associate a long to-do list or a challenging presentation as equally life threatening. With it isn’t, most of the time at least! Neither fight nor flight is needed, but still we feel the stress.

So what helps to kill the stress?

Travel changes life

Have you ever travelled? Not a family holiday to the closest beach or a shopping trip to the next big town – even though that’s fun. I’m talking about a real adventure. If you’ve ever been on a trip where you were forced to leave the comforts of familiarity behind, you experienced this for sure: You did not come back as the same person that left home. Travel changes life.

Awaken your inner Alpha!

Are you sometimes wondering why people don’t listen to you? In fact, sometimes it may seem they just cannot hear you? And if they do, they don’t take you seriously and rather go with the idea your colleague came up with? Unfortunately this is a very common issue, particularly for girls and women in a men’s world. People (and this includes also our fellow women) are still not accustomed to seeing smart and intelligent females in leadership positions. But this is not only their fault – it’s yours, too!

Is self-care part of your daily ritual?

In this constant race to achieve things in life how much time do you allocate for yourself and for your well being? And I’m not talking about the things you do to have an irreproachable image of yourself to present in front of others in all environments: family, couple, workplace, social groups. I’m talking about your emotional and mental well being, the things you do just because they make you feel good and boost your stamina. I’m talking about self-care.