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Today I “celebrate” 1 full month of working from home due to the pandemic. Coming from someone used to travel frequently, it was a big change in the daily routine. But, us humans are survivors by nature, so we adapt to the environment. I can say after all this time that I managed to do almost everything I used to using different means.

The situation is still worrying and far from being solved. Anxiety, fear, panic, concern are words that describe the times we’re living now. Nevertheless, neither good nor bad situations last forever.

Until we see the light at the end of the tunnel again how do we live under these new constraints whilst keeping our sanity intact? In our past normality there wasn’t too much space for staying still and not doing much.

Again, we adapt. Life doesn’t stop just because we stay at home.

  • Social interactions are still happening; they just moved to online. Instead of having a coffee and a chat with a friend on a terrace, now Zoom is the new environment where we hang out
  • The once dreadful meetings have become a reason for social gatherings when people switch on their cameras glad to see other human faces
  • Food is now home cooked more which makes for a healthier diet and potentially an increase in your clothes size (I already made peace with that thought)
  • Exercising was never easier; you can do it whenever you want without any costs involved
  • Catching up on reading, watching movies or any activity that feeds your soul can now make it to your list more than in the hectic life you had before
  • Spending time with yourself and your thoughts; when was the last time you did this?

There are always at least 2 perspectives on any story. Dealing with these challenging times is not easy. Keeping your sanity is even harder due to uncertainty.

In this context, your mind and your will power are your assets and something within your control. Oprah put it this way: “I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become.”

Of course, there are things we miss and wish we could do, but for now it’s more important to cope using what we have at hand and do our best in these circumstances. Adapt.

Take care of yourself,


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  1. Carmen

    True that! And most of all, nicely put.

    1. Xtina

      I’m glad you liked it, Carmen. And hope you found it useful.

  2. Kailash Rao

    Good picture of the present situation.
    Mental health will be affected due to long should plan and engage him/ her self.
    NGOs n Govt. Should arrange Counseling centers to detect any abnormalities and act accordingly.
    Good / Bad everything will come to an end.But people should be sensitised to face the consequences of post pandemic period.

  3. Xtina

    Indeed Kailash, we need to be prepared for the effects the long isolation will have on us humans and give the right attention to mental health wellbeing as everyone will be affected to some degree.

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