What I discovered while trying to grow up into an adult

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grow up into an adult

Here we are. Ending another year and this time around, the decade too. It’s a time of reflection, even more now than in the previous years, a time of analysing the “lessons learned” – how I call them – when a project ends and you use the knowledge for better behaviours in the future.

So, what can I say about this decade and what did I learned so far?

You have as many options as many experiences you let yourself open to

My belief is you are the creator of your life. Nothing is written in stone and the quality of your life is given by the quality of your decisions. Wondering is a skill of the ones who see life as a never-ending work in progress, who can explore new things and reinvent their journey. Of the ones who don’t settle and accept something as a norm just because it worked for others in different times and different social dynamics (we generally call this ‘follow the tradition’).

There is no greater sin that you can commit against yourself as the fact of sleepwalking through life and just go with the flow like sheep.

Circumstances matter, but people matter more

As the majority of you realised by now, life is anything but linear. There are good times and bad times which is normal. But when bad times occur, the people in your life make all the difference. And, over the years, when you look back at some of the things you’ve been through and ask yourself how the hell you were able to do it, you realise the people you decided to surround yourself with are part of the answer.

 I cannot stress enough the importance of social connection for the overall wellbeing of a person. I speak from experience.

As long as you stay faithful to your core values, you’ll be in a good relationship with yourself; even when the situation you’re in is not the most favourable

It may happen to be seen as a weirdo if you choose to be true to your beliefs and act against what it’s considered to be the trend. From cooking your meals instead of eating out, or not buying clothes every season and keep a minimalist style, or opting out of having a TV, or quitting after you got a big promotion because the job doesn’t represent you anymore. All these go against our consumerist society who sees material success as the peak of the iceberg.

But that’s ok. As long as you live in harmony with your self and consciously choose your way.

Exposing yourself to diversity may lead to increased levels of tolerance and acceptance

When you stop living in your predefined circle, where everything and everyone is pretty much within the same lines, you realise the world is an exciting and full of knowledge place to be. And it’s ok if others don’t share the same opinions as you or the same vision of reality. That’s how everyone grows and how knowledge leads to acceptance and better understanding. Nevertheless, how anyone can have beans for breakfast is still beyond my understanding!

Travel, or the more hardcore version – living as an expat for a while – should be a must in be process of becoming an adult. Like the transformational journey of the hero in the stories, to far away places, which led to their true selves in the end.

There are other aspects to consider, but these 4 I see as the most important changes I applied to my mindset and actions with great impact on my overall life experience. At least, so far.   

If I may give you an unsolicited advice, that would be to never stop wandering and never stop wondering through life. Keep being as curious as a child and don’t put your mind, spirit and body to rest for too long. Because, who knows? The best is yet to come. Next year; or next decade.



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