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A life project

Keep in mind that the answer is not “I am not able to do this”, but “I am not able to do this YET”. So, go back to the start of your life’s project: really get to know yourself and stay open minded.

Change the pattern!

I just found out that I’m due to restart work in a few weeks’ time and this was good news for me, I was actually happy for a second. Then I realised I’m going back in the ‘’men’s world’’ and again, I need to work harder than any man I know so that I can be appreciated for my work and progress in the career that, more or less, was my choice.

Mothers, Daughters, let us bury the hatchet!

This is a classic case of how bullying behaviour progresses. The mother who has been subjugated in her own home, forced to be compliant to all family members, now has the opportunity to gain authority over the son’s new wife, and also fight to keep her current privileges. She doesn’t realise that she is continuing to perpetuate the bullying she endured, and thereby the real culprits rest easy. In a family where both parents and adult son have shared responsibility, independence and financial support, there is no need for this hierarchy.

Mother of an Angel

Time went by, insensitive to my excruciating pain and I stand here now to tell you that it can be done. There is life after your soul dies and you keep on living. You can get out of this black hole and learn how to love again. It is, indeed, very difficult and it takes a lot of work to do it. Conscious effort to work with yourself, your loved ones and everything you’re surrounded with, but…It can be done!

Time to Give Back

I believe that one’s life is as good as their relationships are. And in order to have good relationships with others, first you need to have a good relationship with yourself. But this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey, at times exciting, at times painful. Pretty much as life itself.