A life project

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A life project

YOU are the greatest project you will ever get to work on.

For every project, you need to know all the details in order to perform well and to obtain the desired result.

So, for your life project, begin with knowing yourself. Make a deep dive and really understand everything about you: your strengths, your fears, what makes you happy, what is your comfort zone, what makes you step out of your comfort zone, what do you need from others and what you can offer to others.

You spend most of your life in your head. Make it a nice place to be because from this point your project will begin to take shape.

Another important aspect is the people you are working with. As such, discover every single person that can help you grow. Stay open, do not always search the same mindset as yours. Try diversity, this will help you find answers where you didn’t know you can find them. 

Also, be prepared to do some multitasking. The people you have already in your life or you will meet in the future are probably working on their own life project. Help them grow by presenting them your experience.

Establish deadlines but do not be afraid to fail them and, most importantly, try to understand very honestly and very sincerely what produced the fail. Keep in mind that the answer is not “I am not able to do this”, but “I am not able to do this YET”. So, go back to the start of your life’s project: really get to know yourself and stay open minded.


Be brave! This project is all about YOU!


Like a friend of mine once told me:

“YOU is kind,

      YOU is smart,

            YOU is important!”



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