Fairy tales exist, if you look at life the right way

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life story

Once upon a time…

There was this kind gorgeous (because all women are, right? – girl powaaa!!!) princess, living a decent quiet life. Her kingdom was not big, but she was happy just like that – she was a princess of her own world and this was enough for her. This princess I’m telling you about, had this big dream of meeting Prince Perfect, getting married and building a beautiful family together.

One day, when she least expected it, there he was: right in front of her eyes. She could barely believe it! Our princess was immensely happy, they started a relationship and not very long after that, they got married. They were blessed with an amazing little girl and they lived happily ever after.

Ok now… Let’s spice it up a bit, to make this story more “realistic” and “believable”: Imagine that the Princess was at the end of a 6 years relationship with another man, when she met the Prince. And also, imagine that Prince Perfect was a divorced guy (not that “perfect” after all, ha? 😊, having a 7-year-old child from the previous marriage. And yes, they fell deeply in love with each other and they had a nice (but not so quiet) relationship. Princess and Prince got engaged and soon after that, they had a baby girl together. They got married when the little girl was 2 years old.

Just a few months later, the Prince got sick and it didn’t take much until they found out it was because of lung cancer. After that, the Prince lived for a bit more than 5 months, leaving behind the Princess and his two gorgeous daughters.

Fast forward 2 years of tears, grief, sorrow and loneliness, the Princess meets another beautiful Prince. This time, he has one small daughter, but he hasn’t been married before. He’s black and she’s madly in love with him, especially with the colour of his skin 😊

They start dating and after 7 months, he pops the question to her and she says “Yes” with all her heart. They live happily NOW and have big plans for later. But they enjoy each other and everything that life offers them NOW, happy and prepared for whatever might come.

At this point, you might probably think: wow, this story got so twisted…

Not too much of Disney in it, right? Rather crazy, very unconventional and very messed up…

And now, I would like to ask you which version of the story do you like best? And which one would you believe it?

At some point in our lives as young girls, we probably dreamt about the first version of the story. Some of us were lucky to even get it in real life–but just a few of us.

The remaining majority for sure, woke up in a reality very different than the first story.

And that’s my case – because my story IS the second version. And yes, IT IS crazy, unconventional and messed up. But you know, at the end of this road, there are very few things that I regret. And more important than that, I learned many important and useful lessons. These lessons changed me profoundly and built bit by bit, a better ME. I started to love ME more, to be grateful for what I have and what I am. I stopped judging and criticizing and I began saying “I love you” and “thank you” more often- towards the others and also, towards ME.

And above all these, I started to live NOW and be happy NOW, because “tomorrow” might not be as I expect it to be.

There are few pieces of advice that I guide my life upon and I want to share them with you – maybe you will resonate with any of them and find them useful:

  • Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to live and what decisions you need to take. You are unique and your life is lived by you and you alone.
  • Allow yourself to fall. This means that you can cry, scream, cry again, knock your head on the walls, yell and again, cry. Release all the pain and the anger, that you ‘re holding up inside. But never forget about yourself, that you are special and you MUST get up and stand. Because after every fall, you get stronger and better. Children do that, we should learn from them; it’s called “tantrum” and after each one, they feel liberated and calm.
  • Stay true to yourself and your opinions. Don’t let yourself be influenced by other people’s choices and behaviours. After all, as Dirty Harry said: “Opinions are like ass holes – we all have one”


Hugs for all! Stay strong and safe!

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  1. Bruno

    🥰🥰 This is so sweet and inspiring. Thank you very much.

    1. Saby

      Thanks Bruno, glad you like it! Our thanks goes to Gabi, our She Can guest author 🙂

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