Happy New Year with Saby and Xtina

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Hi friends! Thanks so much for following PinkJamLife! For the last blog entry of this decade, we are answering a few classic New Year reflection questions for you… and we invite you to do the same! You can write your answers in your personal journal or share them with us in the comments below  🙂

What was the craziest thing you did in the last decade?

Xtina: The craziest thing I did in the last 10 years was to avoid the comfort zone. Sometimes making drastic changes, which was not always easy to live with, but which brought me peace of mind in the long run and a fulfilled life so far. My biggest fear are “What if?” type of questions.

Which of your goals did you reach?

Saby: My number 1 goal for 2019 was to find my professional calling. I wasn’t happy in my job, but didn’t really have a Plan B either. Along this journey I learnt that (a) it is not a search,  but it’s a decision to make and (b) a career is not like marriage – it’s not made for life and you can change it and reinvent yourself anytime. And thus, I found my calling for now, I have a new plan (PinkJamLife is a part of it, of course!) and I am so much more fulfilled than I was a year ago! 


What was one of your best decisions?

Xtina: One of the wisest decision I made in my adult life was to be truthful to my own beliefs and not compromise for the sake of complying. It is not rebellion, rather living my version of life without the pressure coming from outside. This mindset helped me experiencing things I never dreamed of and discovering skills inside me I never thought I have. It was my tool towards self awareness.

Do you have any regrets?

Saby: Someone told me once, you only regret the things you don’t do. Because the things you do, either they go well and that’s great, or they don’t go well and you learn from them or they somehow bring you further. I’ve let that piece of advice guide me to take some bold decisions, and I must say for me it has worked so far – no regrets!

With the knowledge you have now, what would you have done differently?

Xtina: With the knowledge I have now, I would have done the same mistakes I did, only sooner :). As it turned out, that was the best way to experience life for me. But, don’t take my word for it! Find your own path and follow it!

What are you grateful for?

Saby: During the past years I’ve realised that for me relationships are everything that matters. The relationship with myself, my husband, my family, old friends, new friends, colleagues, mentors,…. I’m grateful for the people I’ve been able to share (parts of) my life with so far. 

What will you stop doing in the next decade?

Xtina: I will stop smoking. To avoid the constant nagging I get from Saby….

Why did you build PinkJamLife? 

PinkJamLife was built with the intention of showing other young women the wonderful potential that life has to offer by telling stories, asking questions and triggering some thoughts. 

It is the kind of advice and shared experience we would have wanted to have as girls entering adulthood to smooth our personal and professional journey. 

How did you have the idea for PinkJamLife?

We used to be colleagues at a consulting firm and led an internal women empowerment programme at this company. After both of us left, we still kept in touch with frequent phone calls between Germany and Romania. We were at crossroads in our lives – making some bold changes that people saw as being irresponsible, if not crazy – when we decided it was time to bring the impact we wanted to see in the world and add our contribution to gender equity and equality in all aspects of life.

What’s your vision for PinkJamLife?

PinkJamLife is about enabling women to realise their full potential whilst juggling with life “jams”.

Our intent for PinkJamLife is to provide holistic coaching programmes in the future with practical guidance and impactful results for women who want to make the most of their lives.

We defined our Values as:

1.      Kindness, empathy and consideration

2.      Personal growth and self-awareness

3.      Positive impact in the world

4.      Balance and harmony in life

5.      Courage to embrace change

6.      Determination and resolution

How is PJL any different from other movements in this field?

We both lived in several parts of the world and have been exposed to diverse cultures and personalities which helped us understand better the others and, ultimately, understand better ourselves. 

Furthermore, we worked in highly competitive industries which sharpened our skills in dealing with people and taking responsibility for our own lives.

We don’t assume we have all the answers, but we have a lot of practical experience that may help others overcome their struggles and cherish their own journeys. 

We wish you a happy and sucessful New Year! Spread the love!



Saby & Xtina

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