How to live with….the unpredictable

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Few things in life are certain and can be taken as granted, life being full of unpredictable experiences. One of the unpredictable things in life is…..sickness and here I do not refer to a simple flu or a broken leg. I am talking about a kind of illness for which no one knows why it appears and its causes that determines its presence. And, in this case, the degree of unpredictability goes up.

As one of the hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I can tell you that life is full of unpredictability, as this affects the central nervous system. It is also called the sickness with 1000 faces, as 2 people with the same diagnosis do not have the same symptoms. It is also unpredictable as in, today you climb the mountain and the next day you lay flat on a hospital bed….but enough with it.

As I said, one has to learn to deal with the facts/events/situations the life throws at you. There are 2 choices:

1.      Pity oneself-which is completely useless, in my opinion

2.      Go up, fight with it and deal with the facts dished out to you

I chose the second option and in my opinion is the winner one.

It motivates me in all I did, do or will be doing. I have good friends who remind me not to give up, when I am down and do not allow me self-pitying (Xtina knows).

I have a good job too, which allows me to carry on with my hobby: TRAVEL. Till now I travelled on 3 continents, I saw beautiful things, I tried all that was new to me and the experiences lived were worth having.

One must not despair or demoralize in front of the facts that life deals you with. For this is a perfect saying: you don’t give up, you get even….and what is more beautiful than enjoying the beautiful aspects of life?

You do what you want, dream as big as you want, enjoy your favorite things!

And no one should despair, there is always a solution for everything and everybody. Quoting Scarlett O’Hara…tomorrow is another day.

Be grateful for what you have and try not to despair- Life is beautiful and you are stronger than you think. I learned this from my experience.




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