Why it’s actually not that hard to be happy

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I am Sabine. Xtina calls me Saby.

I’m writing this blog to share the wisdom I had to gather myself, piece by piece, experience by experience, lesson by lesson. So you have the chance to be smarter than me.

That doesn’t mean you won’t need to go through your own experiences and lessons to figure things out – oh no, you will! But hopefully it will give you a bit of perspective, and maybe a new view to reflect on your own challenges.

In January 2019 I decided in a yoga retreat, that from now on my life will be colourful. Yes, full of splashing, intense, soft, bright and dark colours, like a rainbow. No more greyness, no more boredom, no more black and whites. What the hell does she mean, you’re probably asking yourself?

For me, this means 3 things:

–         Be positive

–          Take responsibility for your happiness

–          Be grateful for all you have and all you are

“Be positive” is nothing new when it comes to advice for happiness, I know. Yet it’s so true.

Some people seem to look for problems and for reasons to complain. Why? Maybe because it’s entertaining, maybe by talking down on stuff around them, they feel elevated themselves. Others are frightened by life itself and worrying all the time. In either case, their thoughts become negative. Thoughts cause emotions. And negative thoughts obviously cause negative emotions, and these again cause negative sensations in your body. And you start to physically feel bad. Pro-actively thinking positive on the other hand, promotes not only mental, but also physical health. A big smile on your face makes you the most beautiful person on Earth.

Now you know that you have the power to make your own happiness. You can create it from scratch! But this also means as a consequence, that happiness is your own responsibility! Happiness is an internal feeling, and it cannot be caused by external things like people or things. You cannot depend on other people to make you happy, not even your boyfriend/ girlfriend or your family. It’s all in your hands, baby!

How, you’re asking? A big part of it is being grateful. And that’s where the external stuff comes into play. You can be grateful for a million things. Things that you are, things that you have. Isn’t it so incredible to have access to the web, which connects people from all over the world, like we are doing just in this second, as you are reading this blog? Isn’t it amazing how beautifully blue the sky sometimes looks? I am most grateful for all the people around me that I love. And my cat. My cozy flat, the stunning mountains. Plus, I can read and write, walk and sleep (I do love sleeping!) and I can BREATHE! Thanks to my heart that beats every day, every minute, every second of my life! Thank you ♥

See?? The list is endless!

What are you grateful for today?


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